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Conference Sponsors


  • Since 1958, LG Electronics has always aspired to create a happier, better life.
    Currently operating in five businesses of Home Appliance & Air Solution, Home Entertainment, Mobile Communications, Vehicle Component Solutions, and Business Solutions, LG Electronics is growing into a smarter global brand of the future.


  • Samsung Electronics Home Appliance
    Brilliant innovation you never expected, but come to rely on at home, everyday.

    Samsung Electronics is relentless in our efforts to deliver innovative products and experiences that maximize user convenience and make the lives of consumers better. In 2016, we saw an increase in sales throughout Asia in addition to revenue growth across premium appliance markets in North America, Europe, and Korea. Most of all, Samsung’s market share ranked first in the US, a key market for home appliance brands. we launched innovative products that shifted market paradigms, like the Family Hub refrigerator, Add Wash washing machine, and Winfree air conditioner. They continue to garner positive feedback from our consumers. We also focused on strengthening and expanding our business with a new built-in lineup and system air conditioners. we will continue to bring real value to consumers by launching differentiated products and technologies. Our ground-breaking and consumer-focused products will challenge routines and stereotypes, leading the market by delivering true innovation and convenience to our valued consumers. We will maintain our market leadership position with premium, innovative products like the Family Hub refrigerator featuring advanced voice recognition technology that is guaranteed to improve family communication, the Flex Wash washing machine which can support two simultaneous or separate washes of different clothing capacities and fabric types, and the Wind Free air conditioner for staying cool without direct wind. In addition, we are continuing to invest in revolutionizing products and distribution methods for our high-growth, high-profit B2B business.

  • KRAAC (Korea Refrigeration and Air-conditioning Assessment Center) was established by Korea Government in order to support manufacturers and consumers as a non-profitable organization. KRAAC is the certification and testing organization for the heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and refrigeration (HVAC-R) and has good cooperation relationships with many international testing laboratories and certification bodies.

    KRAAC is working for testing, assessment, technology development and policy in HVAC-R field in Korea, with supporting R&D and technical issues for HVAC-R industry. In addition, KRAAC is the representative testing laboratory of HVACR in Korea, which performs the efficiency and certification test on various certifications and standards.


  • GENONE Energy is a company that ranks first in the geothermal heating and cooling industry in Korea.

    In addition, as an eco-friendly energy company, we strive to save energy and create a pleasant environment.

    We are engaged in geothermal, hydrothermal, fuel cell, plant, and solar businesses and are striving for new business development.

  • CLK Corporation is a joint venture between Global CLK and Autech that is continuing to raise the standards for air conditioning both domestically and internationally through providing eco-friendly, energy efficient products created through technological and financial cooperation. CLK’s air conditioning systems boast the ability to maintain air conditioning and heating at high speeds of over 350 km on highspeed trains such as KTX and the TGV, and are being used in high-speed trains all over the world. CLK systems also provide eco-friendly, energy efficient air conditioning and heating systems, not only for households and businesses, but for large-scale buildings, hotels, high-tech industrial facilities, large ships, various other commercial/industrial facilities. Providing high-tech buildings all over the world with the necessary air conditioning systems, CLK extends its technological expertise in high-quality air conditioning services to the client.

  • Since our establishment in 1995, H&C System has been manufacturing and supplying test facilities for home appliances, air conditioning equipment, and heat exchangers.

    Our main products include air conditioner test facility, refrigerator test facility, air purifier test facility, heat pump test facility, compressor test installation, heat recovery ventilator test facility, and heat exchanger test facility.

    Air conditioning test equipment is divided into Psymatric type calorimeter and Balance ambient type calorimeter according to the method of measuring the calri.

    In a refrigerator test facility, it is important to keep the indoor air flow below 0.25m/s and to control the uniformity of temperature and humidity very precisely.

    In recent years, air purifier test standards are becoming more detailed and larger, and we are now designing test facilities accordingly.

    Heat recovery ventilator test facility for energy saving is also an important test facility for many customers.

    Our clients using our testing facilities include LG Electronics, Samsung Electronics, Whirlpool, Emerson, Intertek and TUV.

    We promise to provide you with the highest quality test equipment based on the technology accumulated over the past 30 years.

  • '+⍺ that adds the value of energy and environment!'

    A company that adds customer value with perfect technology and optimal service, This is Intertech Co., Ltd. Intertech Co., Ltd. creates a variety of business models that meet the needs of customers, and provides a one-stop service of customized analysis/diagnosis/consulting and solution production required by customers based on experience in developing and building various systems and differentiated know-how.


  • Korea Heat Pump Alliance (former Korea Heat Pump Industry Forum) was established in 2014 as a non-profit corporation by the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy. Its members comprise of heat pump and component manufacturers, research institutes, universities, testing labs and energy agencies. Its key goal is to promote awareness and proper deployment of heat pump technology in domestic market for residential, commercial and industrial applications. All activities are aimed at overcoming market barriers and dissemination of information in order to speed up market development of heat pumps for heating, cooling and hot water production through research, survey, information exchange, academic seminars, and publications.

  • Research Center for Plus Energy Building Innovative Technology(PEB) is a research center that aims to build a Plus Energy Building, which produces more renewable energy than energy consumption, beyond a zero energy building. The center pursues its mission that secure core technologies to substantialize the plus energy building as well as ultimately reach 120% energy by integrating and verifying technologies. Our primary focus is the development of renewable energy production, high-density energy storage, and active system-based optimization.

  • At SWEP, we believe our future rests on giving more energy than we take – from our planet and our people. That’s why we pour our energy into leading the conversion to sustainable energy usage in heat transfer. Over three decades, the SWEP brand has become synonymous with challenging efficiency.

    SWEP is a world-leading supplier of brazed plate heat exchangers for HVAC and industrial applications. With over 1,000 dedicated employees, carefully selected business partners, global presence with production, sales and heartfelt service, we bring a level of expertise and customer intimacy that’s redefining competitive edge for a more sustainable future. SWEP is part of Dover Corporation, a multi-billion-dollar, diversified manufacturer of a wide range of proprietary products and components for industrial and commercial use.

  • 3S Korea succeeded in localizing the design, manufacture and software of semiconductor wafer carrier box and refrigeration and air conditioning test equipment through technological innovation under the slogan of "Global Leader of Advanced Materials and Environmental Test Equipment".

    In addition, we are contributing to the improvement of international competitiveness as well as import substitution effect by supplying high-precision products to major domestic companies 3S Korea is always dreaming of new changes and growth.

    In the spring of 2002, we were able to register KOSDAQ based on environment segment and now it is taking the lead to spread of new technologies

  • Industrial boiler since founding in 1973, booster is to focus on developing products, sleek design, the excellence of all types of products.

    Certification, a/s are sticking the first place performance delivery home and abroad every year based on mutual trust. Our wealth than the best star - constant development of new products and environmentally friendly businesses that do my best customers, created a customer-oriented enterprise culture and responded to. Make it up to do my best.